Joint Replacement

Pre-operative Planning

We have designed our processes around the best national standards to ensure that our patients are getting the best evidence-based care from everyone involved in the pre-operative, surgical and post-operative process.

Hip and knee replacements have a strong track record of improving patients’ quality of life; we are trying to make them even better - Watch How

My team at Colquitt Regional Medical Center (Moultrie, GA) being awarded the 'JACCO Gold Seal for Excellence in Joint Replacement' in 2016.
My team at Colquitt Regional Medical Center (Moultrie, GA) being awarded the 'JACCO Gold Seal for Excellence in Joint Replacement' in 2016.

Four Weeks or More Pre-Surgery

  1. Review Materials pertaining to expectations for joint replacement before, during and after surgery.
  2. Medical Clearance or Risk Stratification from your Primary Care Doctor (Form1 – Clearance Letter).
  3. Dental Clearance from your dentist looking for infections or problems with your teeth or gums.
  4. Anesthesia Consultation – at Heywood Hospital.
  5. Calibrated X-rays – at Heywood Hospital.
  6. Have a “Post-op Plan” for rehab at home or pre-screen local rehab facilities.
  7. Compile and bring your Med List along with any allergies with you to the hospital.
  8. “Pre-hab” regimen at the your chosen physical therapy provider or other therapy provider
  9.  Joint Replacement Class with our nurse coordinator at Heywood Orthopedics.

2-3 Days Before Surgery

  1. Start taking Tylenol 650mg every six hours unless otherwise instructed
  2. Contact the hospital to confirm operating room time
  3. Contact your insurance carrier to check on approval status
  4. Swab the inside of your nose with Bacitracin or Muciporin every day 3 days prior to surgery.
  5. Call us with any questions or concerns.  Make sure you have any required work-related paperwork.


  1. You will be admitted to the hospital. Usual stay is from 1-3 days.
  2. You will receive Physical Therapy
  3. All rooms are private.
  4. It is my preference that patients receive spinal or epidural anesthesia with regional nerve blocks when appropriate. 

  5. Partial knee replacement patients may be discharged the day of surgery or within 23 hours.

Post-Hospital / Discharge

  1. You will receive physical therapy.
  2. Medication scripts will be provided at time of discharge. These will include anticoagulants for DVT prophylaxis, pain medication and any other new medications started at the hospital.
  3. Post-operative protocols for immediate management and rehab are available below.
  4. We will see you in about 2 weeks from date of surgery for your follow-up visit.

View the Post-Op Protocols