Sports Medicine

Treatment for athletes by experienced professionals

At no point are most athletes more motivated than when an injury prevents them from sport.  We are athletes and we understand athletes. Emily Diconza PA-C was a former basketball and field hockey players, as well as high school coach.  Bruce Hutchinson PA-C remains high-level CrossFit enthusiast.   Dr. Jared Toman is a former collegiate rugby player, sailor and skiier, still trying to run the occasional marathon or adventure race and teach his 4 children the value of the athletic lifestyle. Dr. Toman is proud to be the team physician for Franklin Pierce Ravens and provider of choice for many local gymnastics programs.

Treating our high school, collegiate and recreational athletes of many sports is challenging and rewarding.  However, the same minimally-invasive techniques and recovery protocols we use for our athletes can also be used on many other patients who suffer from shoulder or knee pain and dysfunction.  Its all about restoring function, minimizing additional tissue injury and starting the recovery process even before the operation.

Every sports injury is different, much like every athlete.  Our mutual goal is to define the injury, and help every athlete chart the way to get back in the game.

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