Total Knee Replacement


Delivering high quality care is our first priority at Heywood Orthopedics. Measuring outcomes is essential to that mission. It allows us to know how well we are serving the patients who trust us with their care and make improvements in the way we deliver surgical services, so our patients can be confident that they are receiving orthopedic care according to the highest standards compared to both local and national peer groups.

This report includes outcome data from all responding total hip and total knee surgeries I performed from FY14-16. I gave my patients an anonymous questionnaire both before and after surgery, which was returned to my assistant, so bias was minimized. The short questionnaire was derived from two statistically-validated clinical assessment forms and asked patients to rate themselves in terms of pain and function. These outcomes evaluations are call The KOOS (for knees) and the HOOS (for hips).

We are currently trying to collect our data on hip and knee replacements performed at Heywood using these outcomes tools which will allow to compare our results to hospitals nationwide. They are available in the below links.  These scores are calculated on a scale of 0-100, which 100 representing no disease, and 0 representing the most extreme compromise in function.

If you have had or are having a knee or hip replacement, please ask us about these forms, or download them here, and bring them to your appointment. They are completely anonymous and do not report or collect any patient identifiers or PHI beyond a medical record number.

The American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR). The AJRR is a quality reporting system aimed at making total hip and knee replacements safer for our patients. Keep watching for updates on Heywood Healthcare’s participation in this important initiative.